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G & F Oil Company, Inc.

Get To Know Us

Who We Are:
Established in 1982, G & F Oil, Inc., is a small independent oil and gas operator engaged in exploration and production, an E & P company. We are currently operating 94 oil and gas wells all in Texas. All our wells are basically in a triangle from Fort Worth to Wichita Falls to Abilene and back.

Purchase Of Existing Production:

In addition to E & P, G & F Oil, Inc., is engaged in buying and selling leases along with buying and selling production. A company should always give a long look at any deal in our industry. If it is solid and makes sense for an investment group we pursue it.

Environmental Impact Statement:

G & F Oil, Inc., has an excellent safety and environmental record. Those areas of the business are a must and cannot be taken lightly. Whenever we drill, complete and operate a well we put safety first and we put provisions in to protect all parts of the environment.